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Image Effects - Paint Shop Pro 9

NOTE - I'm not sure why the pictures stoped working - I'll check it out tonight - might be a server problem. If the pictures aren't working please check back later!-

You might have played around with Image effects before and thought to yourself, what the heck is this? These effects are too strong and make my image look like a puddle of goo.... Here's why and how to start using your image effects in a positive way. *a-hem*

Today we'll use the art media effects to make a photo look like it was painted...

Here is our image:

The first this you will want to do is to duplicate the image in a new layer. This way when you apply an art media effect you are not altering the original image.

On your Layer pallet, right click on your background layer and a menu will pop up. Here's a picture of that:

Select "duplicate" from that menu.
Now you have 2 layers!

Make sure you keep the copy highlighted in blue, just like in the picture.

Now go up the the top and find where it says "effects" and click on that, you get a big long list of effects sorted by what type they are:

To make a photo into a painting we'll be applying the "brush" effect which is found in the "Art media" section like so:

You will get a new pop up menu with lots of little numbers to play with - I came up with these settings but feel free to play with them and try new things:

So your image used to look like a nice photo - of a pretty landscape. And now it looks like this:

What the hell is that? Who knows.... dont' worry, we wont leave it like that.
This is the point where most people say "Huh? What's the point of this effect" - ah, but we know better...

Right click on the copyed background layer and select "PROPERTIES"
And you'll see a menu looking like this:
Here you can set your "Opacity" - Opacity is how much of your top layer you want showing through ontop of the bottom layer. It will make the effect blend with your original image.

Now your image looks like this:

To sum up -

Before: After:

Now - there are tons of effects to try out - so get to it!

Other examples:

* from this to this *

Extra fancy - sculpture with pattern rice paper
* from this to this *

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