aliceineternity (aliceineternity) wrote in pixels_please,

Hey, I was wondering if someone could make me a layout for my journal. Is that okay?

I want the theme to be My Chemical Romance's music video "Helana."

I have the pictures I want. Here:

Umm, I want a background and matching banner (if you can do both, or combine them into one).
I want the layout (if thats what you call it) for my journal to have written on it:
"When both our cars collide..." in big black letters (not too big) and under it:
"So Long and Goodnight"
I want the font to be kinda stringy, or something. Something wicked looking. I don't know how to explain it, do you get it?
I want it to be a really dark layout.
Tell me if its not okay that I request graphics. And if it is okay, feel free to ask me questions if you don't understand how I explain things. Sometimes that happens. lol!
Where do I go to put the code of the layout into my journal? Do the layouts come with codes? I'm befuddled.
Thank you in advance!
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