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Pixels Please!

All types of graphics, requests, etc

all graphics, requests taken
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Free icons, FO banners, icon extras, and other graphics. Random tutorials. And LJ Graphic Artist Interviews. Requests taken. Request are to be filled by APPROVED MAKERS only. Free graphics posts are also to be made by APPROVED MAKERS only.

Full icons &
Bits and Pieces: (by me) credit to the community if you just want to help get the word out about the community. Other than that, only "credit" as you see fit, I'm not a credit whore. Hell, most of these icons are based on the photography of others anyway. *blink blink*

(other makers) please follow their individual credit rules.

1. You may promote here, only if your community or journal is graphics, photography or art related.
2. Any icon I make can be customized for you (this is the easiest type of request to fill usually), just post a comment requesting it.
3. Fill out an application if you want to be an APPROVED MAKER.

Apply to be an APPROVED MAKER:
Cut and paste these questions into a NEW post. Please write "Application" in the title. Answer the questions, provide samples.

ANY MEMBER can vote on applications! Plese state YES or NO and please give reasons for either vote.

lola_dark - and owner
silence_whisper - and co-owner/moderator
knc_143 - approved maker
starkissdtears - approved maker

Maker's Rules

1. Post free stuff or fill requests at least once a week. (or state that you are away or busy for such and such reason)
2. Use your APPROVED MAKER icon (that will be given to you once you are accepted) anytime and everytime you post!
3. If you need to credit an artist or other LJ graphic maker please do so either in your post or somewhere at your own journal etc...

Brokedownrage: Credits!

Starkissedtears: Credits!