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all graphics, requests taken

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do YOU like CUTE FREE & PR'd blinkies / backgrounds / icons / graphics for your LIVEJOURNAL!? [Sun Oct 30th, 11 at 4:23pm]

amortentiad is having a friend referral promo

be sure to read the rules

let her know that ALEX (cloudxsephiroth) sent you here
, pretty please!!
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Help Request for icons and banners [Thu May 31st, 07 at 11:35am]


Hi Everyone!

I have created a new community 


 and I was hoping that i could get some help from the many wonderful artists here! I am in need of icons a few that say 

In frame 1.Intelligent Dyke with image background
2.Brains no background req. can be plain text for 2, 3, 4, 5-  though its up to you
4. Culture

Also a plain text icon with just intelligent dyke

and if anyone is up to a challenge a LJ layout but if not thats ok

and Intelligent dyke banner with any background art or if you could point me in the right direction to a banner making group

I will credit all work done :)

Thanks heaps in advance!!!

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AWESOME T-SHIRTS FOR ONLY $10!!!! [Wed Dec 6th, 06 at 10:07am]


An awesome site with great t-shirt designs. Right now they are having a $10 holiday sale which is an amazing price for these t's that you won't see everywhere. Also, you can submit your own designs, score the upcoming designs, and sign up for their street team. Once you purchase t's you can earn money by posting pictures of yourself wearing the t's or by referring friends. That link is my street team link, so if you purchase something I receive credit. If you'd rather just go to their link feel free but I would appreciate the extra points since I am a struggling college student trying to buy some nifty gifts for my friends :) If you are unsure of what to buy there is also a gift-buying guide by age and what categories you think someone might be interested in art-wise. Have fun and hope you enjoy threadless as much as I do. Any questions just feel free to IM me at yourhipsxmystars!
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**Closed** [Mon Aug 29th, 05 at 10:02pm]

This community is now closed.

I will post all graphics and tutorials on my personal journal.
It is not friends only so you may add it or just visit from time to time, it's up to you.
Posts will be clearly marked as graphics posts and there will be links on the info page and sidebar to the posts. (feel free to make requests there as well)

The name is lola_dark

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Sorry [Sat Aug 20th, 05 at 5:51pm]

Sorry I've not been able to get near the computer in a while to make new stuff - here are a few little things. I'm having surgery next week so once that gets cleared up maybe I will have more time online again.


friends only bannersCollapse )
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[Wed Aug 17th, 05 at 11:51pm]

Hey, I was wondering if someone could make me a layout for my journal. Is that okay?

Request under cutCollapse )
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Image Effects - Paint Shop Pro 9 [Sun Aug 7th, 05 at 10:14pm]

NOTE - I'm not sure why the pictures stoped working - I'll check it out tonight - might be a server problem. If the pictures aren't working please check back later!-

You might have played around with Image effects before and thought to yourself, what the heck is this? These effects are too strong and make my image look like a puddle of goo.... Here's why and how to start using your image effects in a positive way. *a-hem*

Today we'll use the art media effects to make a photo look like it was painted...

TUTORIALCollapse )
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Brush Tutorial - Basic [Sun Aug 7th, 05 at 9:50pm]

Since xkissmyheart wanted a brush tut - here is one I did for another community.
I'll work on making a more detailed one as well. Hope this helps for now.

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